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If you’ve been following my blog, you are aware that it’s no secret that I love shopping at ALDI because of the money that it saves our family.

Ever since my ALDI post went viral with over 3 million views, I think I have been esteemed by some as an expert on all things ALDI, which kind of makes me chuckle at times. 🙂 I only mention this because I have people ask me questions about ALDI all the time and the number one question that I’m asked is if ALDI accepts coupons.

The answer is “no”.

However, this doesn’t bother me for 3 reasons (actually, 4):

  1. Their stuff is generally so cheap that I don’t see a need for coupons
  2. They consistently feature great deals (just check their weekly ad)
  3. There are still ways to save! (as covered in this post)
  4. I don’t “coupon” unless I come across a coupon for a specific item that I am in need of

That being said, as much as I appreciate how cheap ALDI is and how much it saves us in groceries, am I still open to saving in additional ways?


Now, additionally, many of you have also read my tutorial on the ibotta app, which is my favorite grocery rebate app to use on all stores but ALDI; this is the app’s one fatal flaw!

YET… I’ve got good news for all of you Aldi shoppers out there:


Today I am going to cover one of them (the one that gives you the most money back).

The app is called Find & Save.

Here are some features that the app has:

  • Weekly ads- for your convenience the app compiles current digital ads of your “favorite stores” (which you choose when setting up the app) all in one place so you don’t have to look them up online


  • The “Featured” tab which shows featured digital coupons and deals in stores that you have “favorited”, so that you don’t even necessarily have to look through the ads for coupons (and yes, Michaels is one of my favorite stores; I’m obsessed with that place!)


  • Cash Dash – this my favorite feature to use (it’s the money maker!) and is what I will be covering in the tutorial below.

The Cash Dash portion of the Find & Save app is the rebate portion of the app. They feature different deals for all kinds of stores weekly. Here is an example of current rebates you can redeem.

IMG_3803 IMG_3804

Note that each week the stores that are featured do get switched around. So while Aldi may be featured this week, they may not be featured the next (although they are featured most weeks). *EDIT* Unfortunately they seem to be featured less these days. Boo. Still always worth checking. Also, some weeks the required amount for rebate may be over $75, or the percentage back 3%, 5%,  etc. Anything is game; who are we to question the rebate gods and their ways? 😉


The Cash Dash portion of Find & Save works similarly to ibotta and involves scanning receipts. A large difference between ibotta and Find & Save is that Find & Save is more interested in the amount of your total purchase and bases your rebate off of that, whereas ibotta just gives rebates for individual items.

Onto the tutorial…

To redeem rebate, click the store and its rebate. You will then see the summary of the rebate pop up.

rebate info

Press “continue” to indicate that you understand the requirements to redeem your rebate..

Go back to the main page and click on (for example) Aldi and you will have the opportunity to upload (scan) your receipt.

upload receipt

Once submitting your receipt, you should see that it has been “submitted”. Note that at this point your rebate has NOT yet processed, as your receipt needs to be reviewed.

receipt submitted

Once the rebate period is over, your cash will be rewarded. In case you missed that last sentence, again- cash is not rewarded until the rebate period is over! If a rebate period runs from Sunday-Saturday and I add my receipt Monday, even if my receipt is approved, I won’t get my cash back into my account until at least Saturday when the rebate period has ended (and sometimes it does take a few additional days). The reason for this (which is actually great!) is that you can continue to add receipts during that time period for more cash back!

So for example, my $11 receipt from Aldi that I just uploaded doesn’t actually qualify me for this rebate period since it doesn’t hit the $25 mark. However, if I had another receipt that totaled $14 or more, then I would qualify for the rebate because the two receipts add up to $25 or more. Basically you can add as many receipts as you want, as long as they are from purchases made within the rebate time period. I really like that feature of this app.

Anyways, once your receipt is submitted, you can check back in a day or two to see if it has been approved (if it hasn’t for some reason, they will email you to let you know the reason why). And after the rebate period is over, the cash back will be added into your Find & Save account (you’ll also get an email informing you when this has happened). The following two photos below are taken from a previous rebate that I already earned a while ago so that you can see the progression and know what to expect if theoretically, my example rebate had gone through.


Example of the email notification:

Find n Save Aldi 2

THINGS TO KNOW about this app:

    • You can only “cash out” once you hit $25. However, this can add up fast, especially if you are using it for other stores listed. I have seen Kroger, Meijer, and Costco on there often, and also CVS and Walgreens. They also always have an assortment of department stores. So this app can clearly be a great source for rebates on MANY MORE places than just ALDI!
    • You do need a PayPal account set up in order to “cash out”.
  • Do not black out anything on your receipt. I did this once because I had posted a picture of one of my receipts on my Bacons on a Budget facebook page and didn’t want the last 4 digits of my card number showing. My receipt got rejected and I didn’t know why. I emailed them and received a response within 24 hours. The customer service representative was very kind and explained that there are people that try to commit fraud with this app by collecting other people’s receipts from the garbage and submitting them for cash back. So, for example, if a user is submitting 15 different receipts with 15 different cards, this would tip Find & Save off to fraud. Thankfully in my case, the woman helping me told me she reviewed my account and knew this wasn’t the case for me, so she still did credit me the cash. Yay! I love good customer service.



All in all, this is a great rebate app! I can really appreciate the fact that it is based off the total amount of your purchase rather than just specific items. It’s also nice that it covers such a wide array of stores!

I wanted to note that Checkout51 is another rebate app that can be used at ALDI, but consists of rebates based off of specific items, many of which ALDI does not or seldom carries. Because of this, I’m not going to take the time to add a tutorial on how to use that specific app, but if you’re interested in searching for the occasional deal, it is very similar to ibotta and you can learn more  about it here.

Well, that’s all for now. If you do end up downloading the Find & Save app, I would totally appreciate it if you use my referral code BLWR so that I can earn credit towards my account. I look at it kind of as compensation for the time I spent to write out this tutorial so others can save too. 🙂 *EDIT* They have not had any referral programs for quite a while now, which kind of stinks! So don’t bother with the referral code afterall.

Thanks for taking the time to read and happy saving!


By the way, if you like my posts, I finally got around to setting up an email subscription for the blog a few days ago.  If you are interested, feel free to sign up via the link in the sidebar or by clicking HERE.  I promise I won’t clutter your email with unnecessary emails; that wouldn’t be cool.


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13 thoughts on “A grocery rebate app that CAN be used at ALDI

  1. Jackie says:

    I read your article on grocery rebate apps and am wondering if they will work on a computer or notebook? My husband and I don’t care to spend a lot of money on a phone with a lot of fancy things on it and cost a fortune to buy and use with things I don’t want on a phone anyway.

  2. Sarita Gupta says:

    Hello, Thanks for sharing such a great app….Best blog. very helpful article. Online grocery business in India is rapidly growing.I like your article because now a days everyone looks for latest technologies and easy done.

  3. Stacy says:

    Hi! I couldn’t get your find and save links to work, kept getting an error message. I downloaded it from the playstore and used your referral code though! Thanks for the tips!

    • Mallory Bacon says:

      Hey Stacy, thanks so much for letting me know! I really appreciate it. I recently had to update the link because it changed, so I’ll have to look into it again! Thanks so much for the support!!

  4. Heather @ Simply Save says:

    I just discovered Aldi and I love it! It’s kind of refreshing to shop without clipping coupons or juggling 10 apps like I used to do at Target, and yet still save a lot of money. Thanks for the info on this app!

  5. Cat says:

    I thought I commented on this but evidently not? Thanks for sharing this one cause I love ibotta but hate that it can’t be used at Aldi, so I’m very excited you found an app that can! Downloaded it and put in your code already!

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