How to get nail polish, snacks, and other brand name products for FREE

My honest review of PINCHme, a service allowing you to test name-brand products for FREE. No joining fee, no shipping fee, no credit card details whatsoever


How to get nail polish, snacks, and other brand name products for FREE 

Today I am reviewing PINCHme, a sample service that allows you to choose exactly which samples you receive. This service is entirely free and they only ask that you fill out a quick review for the items that you receive after you’ve used them.

Again, Entirely free. No joining fee, no shipping fee, no credit card details whatsoever.

I will disclaim on the front-end that I did receive a “bloggers sample box” for free from PINCHme to write this review. The opinions below are all my honest opinions. And in reality, all of the sample boxes are 100% free to everyone, all the time, anyways!

Here is what I received in my box. I should note that this is more samples than you would normally receive in a box, since this was the bloggers sample box. They also sent me a wide variety of samples, whereas members’ samples fit your interests that you specify.




They have a HUGE variety of samples and some of them are really great (decent sizes too; some are even full-size!). Here are their past samples. I was pretty impressed by the wide-array of previous options:


  1. Sign up at
  2. After you sign up, fill out your profile. There are 4 sections and it should take about 5 minutes.
  3. Check their home page for their next “Sample Tuesday” date and mark your calendar! (Hint: it’s only one Tuesday a month, so you want to be sure you don’t miss it!) You can also follow PINCHme on Facebook if you’d like, since they often hype it up on their page so you don’t miss it. They also will send you a reminder email as Sample Tuesday approaches.
  4. On Sample Tuesday, starting at 12 pm EST, you can sign into your PINCHme account and choose to add to your box any samples available to you (based on your stated interests).
    • How many samples will you get each month? This will vary from month to month. Some months you may be targeted towards 3, 5, or even 8 samples based on your selected interests. However, unfortunately some months you may not be targeted towards any samples. In that case, PINCHme always sends members who are not targeted that month an email letting them know the day before, so they know what to expect.
  5. Upon receiving and using your chosen samples, leave a review through PINCHme. This is important because if you do not leave a review for the products you received in your box, you will not be able to claim future samples. If there is a product that you received and for some reason decided not to use, there is an option to select “I did not use this product.” I believe you have two weeks to complete your surveys from the time you received your products.

That’s it! The process is pretty straightforward and the company’s website has a pretty thorough Help Center if you run into any problems.

In conclusion, this is a great way to try new products before paying full-price. Since it’s entirely free, you really have nothing to lose!

Thanks for reading and happy sampling! 


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