The TOP 3 receipt-scanning apps for smartphones

The TOP 3 receipt-scanning apps for smartphones. The pros, the cons, and everything in between!

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Alright. I want to start off this post by clarifying that this is not repeat information! I have done a few posts on smartphone apps like ibotta and Find & Save that are rebate apps that give you cash back on your purchases with receipt scanning involved. I love these apps because they are perfect for getting me cash back at certain stores . However, my post today is about receipt scanning apps that earn you cash for just submitting Read more

The Beauty of Master Mix

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This master baking mix recipe is a wonderful way to save both time and money! Stores for months!

Hey folks,

Today I am writing about the beauty of master mix.

What is master mix? You are most likely asking yourself.  Well, for starters, it’s not a mixed tape. When googling “master mix” attempting to come up with ideas for a definition, there were many results pertaining to DJ-ing. As DJ-ing isn’t my forte (ha…ha…ha…), I am not going to spend time elaborating on that type of master mix. Instead, today’s post is about the master mix that is … Read more

How to save $$$$ on your next Disney vacation (Part 2 of 2)

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This is part 2 of my guest post by my friend Karolyn.  In case you missed Part 1 of this post, it can be found HERE.  In this post Karolyn covered saving on Disney hotels, park passes, dining and much more!

Part 2 of 2 - Find out how one family saves (literally) thousands both when booking their trip and also throughout the year preceding the trip

Karolyn has vacationed at Disney over a dozen times and offers some amazing tips for saving!  Her and her family are able to save literally thousands (THOUSANDS, PEOPLE!!) on the overall expenses of their trip each time … Read more

How to save $$$$ on your next Disney vacation (Part 1 of 2)

How to save (literally) thousands on Disney hotels, park passes, and more! Great tips from a veteran Disney-visitor!

Hey all, today I am featuring my friend Karolyn as a guest writer on the blog.  Karolyn has vacationed at numerous Disney locations over a dozen times!  And she has written a wonderful two part article for the blog on how her and her family save big money (literally thousands!) on vacationing to Disney both throughout the year and also on the actual trip expenses.  You can learn more about Karolyn at the bottom of this post, but for now… … Read more

A grocery rebate app that CAN be used at ALDI

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If you’ve been following my blog, you are aware that it’s no secret that I love shopping at ALDI because of the money that it saves our family.

Ever since my ALDI post went viral with over 3 million views, I think I have been esteemed by some as an expert on all things ALDI, which kind of makes me chuckle at times. 🙂 I only mention this because I have people ask me questions about ALDI all the Read more

What’s on the table the next 2 weeks and why it’s costing us only $60/week

what's on the table the next 2 weeks

Yesterday I posted the photo below on my social media accounts with “results” from our bi-weekly grocery shopping trip.

Aldi haul

Because I am a woman of my word, here is my promised post what’s on the menu the next 2 weeks spending approximately $60/week!

Now before I get started, a few things you need to know about our family and ­­­this post.

  • We have a great system going on around here where I often double or triple recipes and freeze half
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5 CHEAP meals you can get on the table in 30 MINUTES (or less!)

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True confession- I had never really cooked anything until we got married a few years ago. It’s funny how I barely remember what I survived on in the years preceding up to that event…although my roommate post-college can attest to the fact that I often would simply heat up a small package of frozen vegetables covered with grated Parmesan cheese in the microwave for dinner. (Disclaimer: I do not stand behind that as a healthy, balanced meal!).

However, upon getting … Read more

How to make the most out of your Ebates experience

How to make the most out of Ebates


Ok, so you signed up for Ebates (and may have even done so with my tutorial and referral code for $10 free). Now what?

Apart from the basic concept of making online purchases through Ebates to get cash back, I wanted to share three ideas of how you can make the most out of your Ebates experience. The first two ideas have to do with convenience, and the last idea has to do with getting more cash back.… Read more

How to get cash back on (nearly) every online purchase you make

How to get cash back

For lack of a better introductory sentence, I give you this: If you are going to do any shopping online, this article is for you.

How to get cash back on nearly every online purchase you make

As someone who’s always looking to save a buck or two (and ideally more!), I am shocked that I just recently learned about Ebates. I am an avid online shopper. I’m sure many can relate to the reality that sometimes it’s just easiest to have an item or two that you need delivered to … Read more

5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T shop at Aldi

With over 3.5 million views- Check out these reasons why you SHOULDN'T shop at Aldi.

Anyone who is close to me knows how much I love Aldi.


Yes, you read the title right- “5 reasons why you SHOULDN’T shop at Aldi”. Bear with me.


Growing up, my parents often shopped at an Aldi near our house. Without looking at packaging, I could always easily identify what had been bought at Aldi. The graham crackers tasted like cardboard. The marshmallows weren’t spongy. In reality, all the items probably weren’t that bad, but … Read more